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Molly Verten piosenki

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Carrying your child

She is carrying your child Do you know this? She is carrying your child You understand what that means? Means each time you deface her You're burying a piece of your dreams She is carrying your hope Can you see it? She is carrying your hope And sometimes it l...


You met me on the tarmac, saying Now that I've got you here there ain't no turning back I smile and kiss your mouth, thinking That's right baby, you got me for right now You read it on my face, and say You'll never be monogamous, you can't stay in one place W...

What is your soul worth

Looking at my feet, sitting in the street Picking up the language from the people that I meet I'm moving slower now Guess that's why I came And I don't know how I ever had the wherewithal To know to stay. Back home the men are swarming, raised since they were...