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Michael Logen

Utwory wykonawcy:

Darkness Within

Nothing is as it seems Questioning everything When truth turns to lies You can hide or you'll die trying Where can you run When the war is in your heart How can you fight When you're drowning in the darkness The darkness within Nothing is as it was...

Goodbye Goodbye

The rain on the ocean who whispers in the wind The spirit in motion that we can’t get back again and I don’t really know if I can let you go I can only try Goodbye x9 Goodbye x9 I took you for granted I thought it’d never end And I left empty-hande...

St. Christopher (On My Way)

Calling on St. Christopher Gonna need some help tonight For the long, dark road ahead On my way back to the light 'Cause the path is so unclear And I'm not sure who to be All I know is I can't stay here Won't you please watch over me? 'Cause I'm on m...

Where you are

I wanna know I wanna know where you are tonight I wanna go I wanna go where you are tonight You're next to me But I can see inyour empty eyes I'm alone tonight Why does it has to be so hard For me to get where you're Where you are Sometimes it feel...