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Matthew Parmenter piosenki

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In The Dark

what is that on the floor? is it a woman? it is a woman is it real? is it a human? it is a human is it real? what is that in the dark? is it a monster? it is a monster is it me? is it a mirror? it is a mirror is it me? I never knew I could fly the...

Modern Times

climb the steps find the key in the dark it's hard to see where's the house where you live where the hope and the dreams lost by will or by extremes welcome to now welcome to modern times get on the bus trust in the driver you've somewhere to be t...


can you live alone and can you live in isolation and what will you become after you've closed all the doors mourning in the night you've seen the face of your companion called forth in a dream lost as reality dawns turn and face the day another incr...