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All I Want

You could be a two-time loser Everybody used to use and abuse ya But maybe you can turn your life around I can see that you act like you don't care In a dead end job, goin' nowhere Don't you know that only you can keep you down 'Cos miracles do happen If it's...

Don't Hate Me

Wait a minute what's going on I can feel the change in your attitude Sure I like you don't get me wrong But there are things you said that you want from me I can't give you, oh no no I like your smile and your company And like the way we fool around But now y...

Don't You Worry

Little boy on my telephone, You've been away and now you wanna come home, It's kind of strange, since you were the one who left me on my own. So don't you worry, I'm doing fine, No, don't you worry, that you left me behind. Coz I love my freedom and I lo...