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Mack Z

Utwory wykonawcy:

Christmas All Year Long

I love the presents with the pretty bows. I love the holly and the mistletoe. The beautiful trees in every window And all of the snow. I love shopping for my family. What will I get, have to wait and see. All the holiday fun with all of myfriends, Wishi...

Girl Party

Girl party Girl party It's all too boring, sittin' watchin' the time. The girls are waitin' on the 911 Party li-ine. I'm gonna blow it if this dumb bell doesn't ring. Wanna crank up the music and we'll let the weekend begin. No boys allowed, this is ou...

I Gotta Dance

I gotta dance I gotta dance I gotta dance When I'm at home, at school, window shopping No matter where, or why, or when I know it's gonna move me, there's no stopping I know its gonna happen again Every time I hear the music Every time I hear it play...


Everyday I watch you Out there in the light Everyday I see you With your beautiful life Doing all the things I want to Doing all the things I've dreamed I'd do You don't know how I've hoped and prayed That maybe someday Someday the chance Will fin...