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Lynsey De Paul piosenki

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All Night

Mmm Don't'cha think I'm like a spider spinning lies Won't'cha step inside my parlour little fly My oh my, my, my My oh my, my my, my my, my, my Mmm Flying like a paper glider round and round Won't you let me try and softly guide you down My...

Into My Music

Playing at my piano on my own Someone called me on the telephone Come do this, do that, do the other Won’t take you long, won’t be much bother There are other things sitting in my head Like playing at the piano instead of Get up, get out, get ahead Onl...

Sugar Me

One for you and one for me But one and one and one Pardon me - comes to three Looking sweet and all the while Hid behind the smile was saccharine I'm a go between Save me, save me Baby, baby sugar me Gotta get my candy free Sugar me by day...