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Lydia Lee piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:


Romanization saebyeogeul geonneo geomeun keoteuneul jeojhimyeon ssodajyeo naerineun SUNLIGHT sesangeun mureo o pulliji anhneun jilmuneul geoure bichin yawieoganeun nae moseup amudo arajuji anha gaseumen seulpeumman goine geurae geuraessdeut naman h...

Broken (English Ver.)

Crossing the daybreak pulling aside the darkness Sunlight is falling down on me I’ll never know how Oh to solve the questions of myself My shadow in mirror it’s dreadful and so peaked Nobody knows only grief in me Yes as always it’s all by myself Havi...

Talking to myself

Head against the wall Tears begin to fall Down onto my pillowcase When’s it gonna end On and off again Bittersweet lemonade Thought I had made up my mind again I can’t get you out of my head Fighting with you in these empty sheets Cuz your ghost stil...