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You keep me awake I should have seen it coming, But i didn’t try, Another mistake, I should have seen it coming, Now i wanna die, I’m blinded again, I couldnt see it coming, Now we’re on our own , Another mistake, I couldn’t see it coming, Now we’r...


Don't breathe so heavily I'll get the wrong idea and Your hands all over me Feels like we're on tv So close, so far way I'll make the same mistakes I'll tell if you feel the same way If you want me to stay Just call out my name Like a star of the sc...

The End Of The World

Cut my tongue on the pages of a magazine I was told everything that I needed to know Before I had a chance to speak And the car that you drive it don't mean anything Cause a century from now, when the trees are cut down You'd kill to hear the birds sing...

Your New Beloved

All the time I think of you Holding on to someone new Don't make me lose my mind I simply refuse to believe it You're like somebody different Like a lost bird gliding To the tops of the mountains In search of something And I can hear your heart beat...