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Long John Baldry piosenki

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Ain't Nothing You Can Do

When you got a headache A-headache powder soothe the pain When you try to rest Oh, Lord, you feel alright again When you got a backache A little rubbin' will see you through But when you got a heartache There ain't nothin' you can do A man can't brea...

It's Too Late Now

I remember so well The little things girl that we used to share The way the firelight seemed to touch your hair The way you smiled, I remember so well How we would sit and talk the hours away We never even knew the time of day And still I find I can't g...

Let The Heartaches Begin

I can hear the guitars start to play And very soon they say I was a fool to turn my love away And with each glass of wine I feel a glow And very soon I know I was a fool to let my baby go So let the heartaches begin I can't help it, I can't win I've l...

Make It Easy On Yourself

Breaking up is so very hard to do If you really love him And there's nothing I can do – Don't try to spare my feelings Just tell me that we're through! And make it easy on yourself – Make it easy on yourself 'Cause breaking up is so very hard to do! If the...