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Liam Clancy piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Dirty Old Town

I saw my love by the gas works wall Dreamed a dream by the old canal I Kissed my girl by the factory wall Dirty old town Dirty old town Clouds are drifting across the moon Cats are prowling on their beat Spring's a girl in the streets at night Dirty ol...

Green Fields Of France

Well, how do you do, Private William McBride, Do you mind if I sit down here by your graveside? And rest for awhile in the warm summer sun, I've been walking all day, and I'm nearly done. And I see by your gravestone you were only 19 When you joined the g...

The Patriot Game

Come all ye young rebels, and list while I sing, For the love of one's country is a terrible thing. It banishes fear with the speed of a flame, And it makes us all part of the patriot game. My name is O'Hanlon, and I've just turned sixteen. My home is in Mona...