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Last Autumn's Dream piosenki

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If you're the one

If you're the one, then show me what it's all about If you're the one, just tell me how it is If you're the one, the truth is real And there's no doubt If you're the one, juts heal me with a kiss This could be true, I show you what it's all about This c...

Love To Go

My little run away Always try to hide away Seems that you're livin' I won't let you go, no, no I'd never walk away Always here for you to stay Still do believin' You will miss me to Standin' on the edge but I won't fall [CHORUS:] Can't you see I...

The Way You Smile

Baby you know me Better than anyone before The moment I met you really changed my life Feelin' your heartbeat next to mine Havin' you close feels down my spine It took all this time to now where I belong I know today You're here to stay 'Cause you ar...