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Camden ft. Jamila Woods

There is beauty in the ashes Love where the hate lashes Toward the innocent, each and every citizen Each a part of the witnessin’ This city I live in is intricate Because we spread the word of God like an instrument That is attached to His body like a li...

Feeling High ft. Sara Castagno

[Chorus:] I am not myself today I have lost all reasons to pray Get up reach for the stars, that are high in the sky Before I start feeling high [Verse 1: Kaden Butler] Wishing I could escape Thinking that I may never have 'nother birthday The small s...

My Boyz a Slave ft. Lynn-Lyon

[Verse 1: Kaden Butler] He's abusing, finds it amusing Makes me a poster, free for viewing Then he resumes his pursuing Painful, ruined, baneful, prudent Do you know you just stole another life of a student? That girl is being trafficked 

Pin Point

[Chorus] Yah, I was the bravest, I was the worse I talked to God, I spoke to dirt I'm therapy I went to Church Nothing is now, fuck all you pervs Wearin my jeans and spittin this verse This is fucked up I like to curse Yahh It's hard to spin life into...

Recovery Dreams ft. Lynn-Lyon

Before becoming an artist, you must have practice Or else your work won't be attractive Up on the stage, an actor and actress Both laying on a comfortable mattress To bring the audience inside that palace The same idea for music 


[Verse 1: Kaden Butler] Bro The dim light stung by the white fuck moon Whiskey being sipped and a decorative festoon Is hung above the entrance to the doorway Allen Brass Hanger screwed against the wall With a rifle pointed straight at y'all Empty shel...

Solomon's Reign

I'm sitting on my throne 

Three Strikes

[Verse 1: Kaden Butler] I felt lost at school, carried with me the weight Like the child of me back in two thousand eight I questioned my purpose The reason for service The uncontrollable burden Of words when I'm nervous So much pressure, the extent is...

Watcha Gonna Do Boy?

[Chorus: K-Dawg] Watcha gonna do with your life Watcha gonna do with your life, boy Watcha gonna do with your motherfucking life [Dialogue] Woman: Junior year wow. What do you plan on doin' in college? K-Dawg: Well, I have a passion for art, music, and...

Ya Never Know

[Verse 1: K-Dawg] Yo, I've tried to see But all I see is lies Man, I can't believe what I see with my eyes So don't judge me, cause I might be trailer trash But ya never know, when I come back, I'll whip your ass [Hook x2] Ya never know where ya gonna...