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John Reuben

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[Intro] It was different back then, anything could happen Ideas as big as your fantasies could imagine Children practicing, that’s part of getting older Impatiently waiting for time to move forward [Verse 1] Optimistic young'ns, running on adrenaline A...

Good Evening

[Intro] I'll make the music if you make it look good I don't dance but I think that you should Good evening's a greeting Good night is farewell Before you go, introduce yourself [Verse 1] There's a story to tell Wait to be seen, staring at the big scr...

The Boy Vs The Cynic

I tried to communicate I tried to relate Now all I want to do is escape and vanish into fantasies I ventured out of the galaxy into the outer regions Where folks believe in something much much bigger than their demons And aren’t controlled by their circumstanc...

What About Them?

(chorus) Puff the magic Jesus Floats around the universe The United States is His favorite place on the whole entire earth So sing your songs and wave your flag And thank the Lord for all you have But what about them? Did you forget about them? We came we con...