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I Am Harlequin piosenki

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Wild, wide ocean sea foam in my eyes The world, so blurry without sight You dream of lifting her up to the sky Up, up, up, up Knowing well, she might not come back, She might not come back down And she calls you from her pedal stool Wants ever mo...


I want a onesome you'll say "An, that is someone some" I want a onesome he goes fine they said you'd be done I've tried a two and I tried a three but no one ever pleases me Don't wanna lie but I need your company just want the laugh, that belongs to...

The King's Daughter

am on the run, from the men with the gun I am on the run, I'll never be his son Oh oh I'm on the run from the men with the gun And they're holding their weapons high Nor brother nor son, doesn't think I'm the one The royal heir I set my sight on the...

Wild One

I know, I’ve seen you when I wake up A day dream recurring, that I cannot stop You are heavy on the heart, and you’re heavy on my mind The silence between us leaves me walking blind When you hold me still, my heart weights a ton Trying not to get greedy t...