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A God Scorned

Make ready to slaughter the sons for the guilt of their fathers; Lest they rise and possess the earth, and fill the breadth of the world with tyrants My sword, is sharpened, for the slaughter; My blade, will cleanse, cleanse the fallen earth I come, to exe...

Feeding Frenzy at a Funeral

They gathered, to mourn, and pay respects, to the dead, and admire, the undertakers, careful work, decorating the carcass, Stricken, with grief, they formed, a line, a line to gaze, to gaze upon, a cold corpse, with a faint, crooked smile, for the last time....

Levitating Phosphorescent Orbs

Out of volcanic abyss, Cyclopean figures emerge, Levitating Phosphorescent Orbs, encompassing the earth, Radiating incandescence, Formulating subjugation, Mortals stare and wonder, as dusk never arrives, radiating incandescence burns out their eyes, discom...

Shadow from Above

Descending from the endless sky, Colossal winged beasts arrive, Casting a shadow upon the ground, blocking the light from the sun, gladiator champions raise their swords, great bowman ready their arrows, awaiting the cacophonous growls of the beast, and th...