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I Am Sin

I'm standing strong and proud Violent erected Oh come to me my child Feel my penetration I am sin - i am sin I am the force of lust The force of pleasure I baptise you in sperm The resurection I am sin - i am sin "I - am - sin" "I - am - evil" Rape in the...

N - 13

Dance on red plastic Naked thirteen Erotic to our mind Beware beware Naked thirteen Here comes the boom boomstick Eat your mother's cake Naked thirteen I bet you like it Now I shall fill you with new life Daughter daughter My sweet daughter So open your door...


So pale so pale There you lay on my sacred altar So pale like winter fall Your beauty faces a madman Skullfuck I'm a necrophile maniac Ready to skullfuck you I'm waiting for your cold body I have the right passion too Skullfuck Nearly dead Life is running...