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Larry David Flow

[Verse 1] I guess I blew up suddenly just like the bromance flicks Now everybody's lining up to hear the Pollack spit Cause I'm a rap immigrant with a flow as vicious As addiction, Barney Gumble sucking Duffman's dick Rejecting love, screaming fuck Paris...

Od mammal

[Verse 1] Nice track, let me spit about chains I lit a flame, like I'm smoking crack, spit about pain Next up I gota say hat everybody's spitting the same (Except for me) I'm rapping about different things And in a different language Got a tricky advanta...


Keep your guns, keep your cuffs, keep your laws off me It's enough All of your thoughts are just lost on me So, keep your monkey suits, keep your monkey paws off me They try to keep me in the dark, it just dawned on me Tell your queens, tell your kings, ke...