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Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)

Demonic laughter your cremation Your lungs gasp for air but are filled with blood A sudden crack as I crushed your skull The remind of your life flashes by A life that soon won't be Smiling with axe in my hand Evil's rotten hand you'll see I come forw...

L'étreinte du Chanvre

I'm the noose The deisre for me Has no limit You come into to me We wheel in an Endless abyss The pain is so good I feel my trachea Being compressed And finally be grinded The death is near Deep in my throat My bloddy flesh dies My entrails will be putrified M...

Pedophiliac Abbot

By the wish of chastity I rape children God told me To sodomize the little boys At the mass I force to drink My piss to these Fucking young christians And to drive this fucking'host into Deep in all asses Pedophiliac Abbot I'm proud to be Pedophiliac Abbot For...

Virgin Blood

You're my little girl You're so pretty and beautiful What's happen? Girl, your blood is Falling down But now you're Not virgin anymore You're a slave Masowhore of nowhere Pray Jesus But he fuckin' damned us Obey me Don't cry I'll fuck you till you dire Shit, y...