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Among the Living Carcass

Blood red brick road Leading to instant death Filled with undead Escaped their leprosarium Two in one soul Twisted limb, drenched cloth In league with death Crossing Styx in flesh Among the living carcass Kill the living Weapons made of death In l...

Bastard Son

Rotting eye by a thread Climbing over the newly dead You carnage keep away Risen from the acid grave Humanoid is to blame Hail servant of the flesh Ref. Armed to flesh and bone with Russian stick and stone Bringing justice into battle Weakness in t...

Doomed Rebirth of Christ

Disbanded flesh from Eden Hiding Gods womb of pain Sealing with virgin blood, on an altar cloth it stained Say him who will deny, the doomed rebirth of Christ Betrayed Let him float in holy wine Stones crushes the next ones spine Drowning foetus withi...