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Fall from Reality piosenki

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I don't think that I can follow this track, Maybe it's the road of a lie Voices incite to turn back And to forger all my better desires. They call me to the place of nothing, To the lifeless world I'm on the verge and voices are laughing, I can't eve...


Faces Hidden Under The Black Masks We see cold fear in your eyes We've unleashed a new war Our faces hidden under black masks Are symbols of a new age's dawn. Down on your knees what do you feel, Gun to your head easy and real. Sense of faultcuffs in...


I say all these words From black hole from outdoors I'm in nightfall. No one can see me No one can hear me, I'm the void I'm the soil. Write in the book of creation I'm waiting information About me about you. Zero zero from zero to one To universal...

Vile Bastards

Vile Bastards Green colors senseless eyes No words only brutal cry. Poison in veins baseness in blood Once income never get out. Gang of the beasts colors of hate, Legion of dark accursed fate. Defiling sky by stinking breathe Grave in the raw waiting...