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Verse 1: You've been trying just so much to break me You expected I wouldn't just break free Now I'm here to take revenge on your life Fear just haunted you, I see it in your eyes In your eyes x3 Chorus: I'm above this I stay strong Verse 2:...

Man of Nothing

Verse 1: I've been living everyday With someone who's been away I've been patient you excused Excused... Every time you wanted me To be all you needed to I was there to give it all But no more... Chorus: I fucking changed, yet you say I am noth...

Save me

1. Another sleepless night under the sky Bed made of concrete, garbage all around Is he just drunk, or is he dead? I hear them whisper with disdain Chor: Why me, another day of my life Oh God, take me away oh it's so cold Save me, all I know's disgust...