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Exiled from Eden piosenki

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Why do I keep descending When I have come unchained? An era of pain has passed I can't keep hesitating I will shatter the walls And the chains that bind me are gone I will conquer the halls And the thoughts that used to be wrong Will be shown in the light of...

Labyrinth of Lachesis

Just obstacles, walls surrounding The only path leads forward to the unknown A new junction, new decision Will define what my future has to offer A common mistake is to search for the exit While you're still blinded from the truth There's no way out of the la...

Ocean of Time

For I am drowning The water has risen I can hear it calling Swaying up to my neck Oh, lend me your power Ocean of time, in my eyes This rift is choking me Ocean of time, in my eyes My fight here is in vain Ocean of time, in my eyes Carry me away to the deepes...


I'm going to smash your face brutally against a wall There is a scavenger, scavenger it will end up to war Anything, anything I will throw away with you Can someone please tell me what the fuck I have to do? I only see red I only see stains I feel my sanity d...