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Elli K (Unknown Dress) piosenki

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If you're gonna lie, don't tell me why You cover my mind as if it is all right Seized by fear that you left behind Dazed and hurt, but nobody’s fault Time after time, I disappear Saying softly, softly, softly aloud Subtly, cunningly Please take me outt...

Dawn (Feat. Leo Z)

In the very wake of my walk, beside you I have known the depth of virtue Though we go on alone, we’ve spoken All the words of our love, unbroken I have written on my heart The part you’ll carry For eternity From the depth of the sea between us I have...

The Shadow of Your Smile

The shadow of your smile When you are gone Will color all my dreams And light the dawn Look into my eyes My love and see All the lovely things You are to me Our wistful little star Was far too high A teardrop kissed your lips And so did I Now when...