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Answer Me

Answer Me Crying out what I can’t write down Searching for ways New ways More ways Other ways to lose these feelings To lose is to lose Writing down what I can’t cry out Can I lose you Am I losing Am I losing you My mind refuses to think Still I...

Babylon Ablaze

Babylon Ablaze Live Life Love Lie The human race discovering Discover the other side of possibility Growing to higher levels Saying this world is ours Falling deeper into disgrace Discovered by life Not discovering life Welcome to your world...

Closed Eyes

Closed Eyes The cross bared Try carry your own Cant carry your own The cross bared Realising Our weakness The cross bared for us to live Eyes Opened for the first time Redemption fills our minds Some eyes never see Some ears never hear Some hand...

Fragile Commitment

Fragile Commitment Breathe I can’t I can’t think clearly Approach the end A new beginning Stalemate Yesterdays mistakes Starts tomorrows Consequences Now I see Through my eyes I see a world in colour But black and white Reflected in the eyes of...