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Mirrormask (ft.CoMa)

Burn in their fires, you messed up Stop hating yourself, you are loved You find yourself in a cold place You find yourself alone We can ride this out To the bitter end We can ride [x3] To my heart We’re floating towards to sun I was stuck in your...

The Take Down

Tell me where you want to go You've got the gun in your hands, I know you've got plans You should pull the hammer back, you could be on the attack Girl I know you'll take me down Show me what you want to see You're keeping secrets you don't need to keep...


[Verse] When everything falls into place Don't make a sound Don't make a face I don't know why its a thing Not to count All of your blessings [Bridge] I'm blinded by The midnight drives The endless nights Behind blue lights And every time I say g...