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Da Mafia 6ix

Utwory wykonawcy:

Beacon N Blender

[Hook: DJ Paul][x2] Beacon and a blender Serve a nigga straight to the window Soda and a pot Just to keep them junkies spoiled rotten [Verse 1: DJ Paul] It goes free my nigga double l And my brother c what's up to fifth Blender and a couple scales B...

Been Had Hard

[Hook: DJ Paul][x2] I been had hard From the start That's on god nigga Don't get yo ass rob ? for that hard You niggas know i mob To your hood with them headcollas Give you niggas the finish with them mothafuckin headbussas [Verse 1: DJ Paul] I was...

Go Hard feat. Gangsta Boo & Yelawolf

[Intro: DJ Paul] Man, these fucking haters out here, man Fucking voices in my head telling me to cremate these haters (Cremate, Cre-cre-cremate) Sitting here, loading up this motherfucking gun (gun) Hitting this motherfucking dope (dope) I'm just thinkin...

Remember feat. 2 Chainz & Lil Wyte

[Irene Cara's Fame song plays...] [DJ Paul talks] Yeah i don't think a lotta niggas will Recognize or realize Where the fuck a lot of this music is goin' down right now Da Mafia 6ix Three 6 Mafia [Beat changes....] Whatever the fuck you call us Probabl...