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Cold Cry piosenki

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Be Afraid of Aryan Blood

In the name of the holy name of homeland In the name of Cyrus the great In the name of holy Iranian name In the name of the pure blood of this people You who are satan. You who are islam Be scared of hurt sick. Be scared of the anger of people In the n...

Eternal Desire

This is narrow life I'm looking for a Small hole This is diabolical desire A desire of my dust little textures of my thoughts Like a life giving angle A coffin for my death I wish Death ! Eternal Desire 

Hidden Grudge

I have blood on my body and screams in my head. Spears without feeling. My land fallen into Divine and sadness Tears of blood from pain Grudge of poverty Gate without door That gate is cursed with Seven spells This poisonous scream is the ruler of time...

Sound Of Despair

Life Has Meaning , Downcast Not Hard To Be Mad There Is No Way Not Mad Is Butterfly Candle With Out , Butterfly Is Art Who,s Burn The Candle In Soul It Hasn't Butterfly Who's Has Cry For Burning The Life Candle Burning For Blind To Has See It's Mad , I...


I Cover My Body With All Black I Agony With My Death I In Foreign To Life Mean Living Although When I Was Die