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Choir of Young Believers piosenki

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Have I ever truly been here

Show me medicine cause you wanted to know what it mean to me It means you are never free Rip rip it out and fall, fall it all the way as far as you can Is nothing who understands Several months since you rest, still it made you cry again Seems like no...

Hollow Talk

Echoes start as a cross in you, Trembling noises that come to soon. Spatial movement which seems to you, Resonating your mask or feud. Hollow talking and hollow girl, Force it up from the root of pain. Never said it was good, never said it was near, Sh...


Watch the shadows dance upon the ceiling shimmering eyes recognize no feelings there is a silent blitzkrieg coming closer the change of light shows another day is over In dreams we are all closer Ah, ah-ah-all, ah, ah-ah-all, to be caught in between Ah...