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Face of Destruction

Shit spoken of evidential sensational shit I feel your blood on my face This time it’s lethal, trade your love for the gas With a final click to build your death row We are the warped – distorted We are the broken spell We bring the annihilation We are...

Rail of Beyond

Fortress of loneliness holds back my good earned wrath “I own your fate and I won’t give it back” Sickness and pesticides my devoted friends “Reckoning, ruin and the grotesque will rule” Fuck me outside sideways, stick pikes in my eyes “This I will cheri...


Right way to get fame, accelerate the mass Lies so untrue you believe ‘em Used as a weapon, fanatics of faith Raping the grounds of a dying world Bullets, shot to your forehead Nations in a killing spree Armies of the left and the damned Fuck all, fuck...

The Needle

Brought out from fire, my crucified desire I’m here to take your livewire A bleeding hand ain’t no ordinary story But take a look at your death now Give me death Before I wake up Give me the end Stand back and let it burn Shoot the needle in Forget...