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Asphyxiation's Lullaby

Weightles through the shift Seamlessly coherent Strapped, Chained down I'm bolted to the ground Someone shake me awake The shadows have gathered Tonight they feast on our fears Shivering prevails Now sink your claws into my arms Dream awake but sti...

The Ichor Carcinoma

Arrival by invasion A portal upon disappearance Stitched and sewn Laced for war Preparing for a battle where there's no surrender When your caving in The system remains Disable your sanity And pull me in from the grave Though I'm digging down dee...


Reflection through the eyes of insanity Protected by the mask concealing your intentions Unhidden now may you awaken From the human condition Through the distant gaze of reality He is a pharoah in his land of despair The ruler by self accommodating his...