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Broken Witt Rebels piosenki

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I look down on the Hollywood Vale I call my home I threw a penny in the water it's where my riches grow I can't stop, never gonna give the up on you Sparks burn bright like a cigarette Born and raised where the guns were made we burn bright like a cigaret...

Shake Me Down

I keep running to you yes you know she keeps calling me out lay me down lay me down I can see it in your face here we are Oh baby, here we are no no no no no Shake me down Dont stir me up And so my hands cant touch shake me down shake me down I...

Wait for you

When you came around I was trying to find something Afraid that I would fall out From the secrets I shared with you And if you change, I don't want to know Let's turn around and leave now chasing cars out of town…. Two of us running like thunder and lig...