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Bleeding Out

As soon as you can see the shine it will fade out like a lightning strike warm red waves, electric shock maddening like a snake bite These could be my last steps Then I tell you Wherever you can see, you'll be bleeding out Wherever you can see,...

Crash & Burn

I feel the wind blow on my face I got nothin' else to do lazy ride on white lines I'm just passing trough I hear the voice of my soul telling what I got to do speed up fast, nobody can tell where i'm going to This life is nothin' but a roadtri...

Road Dreams

After this night my life will never be the same I have a dream and my fist in the air the moon is bright and shows a road to nowhere but we know well that we can can build our fate Time is running out, but its does't bother me, living easy, riding...

Running Scared

Fading lights, in front of me Out of path i'm blind to see Walking trough ashes, breathing the dust Any kind of hope is lost I need to ease this pain I feel I have to run, somewhere, somehow Running scared I cannot calm my mind Running scared w...