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Let's Go To the Beach

You want it like I can't give it any way else Been through to so many times that's the price to pay And my heart is beating like a rabbit's find it And I'm gonna stay under ground Oh, I said I'll be your friend And all I can be, but all this talk makes m...


I will make you breakfast before you wake up i'll sneak down to the shops and make it just the way you like it cause i know how you like it and i know how to make it and if the wind has got you shaking i will be your blanket i will make you dinner kee...

With Her

remember sitting in your car your hand on mine while I was driving you each little movement filled with nerves and beads of sweat, well they just seeped right through. the denim of my jeans we breathed like it did your lie. your eyes so honest like a...