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Bando Jonez piosenki

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Feel Me

Bando Jonez Fuck y'all thought it was gon' be? Some light skinned, curly head ass nigga? I ride, I shoot with my pistol No disrespect out here man Just like my brother, [?] I don't know who to trust Same [?], It's Oakland City [?] Everybody outside my...

Sex You

All the rain keeps falling And these hoes keep calling Uh Ah, all these rain drops falling on my window Got me wishing that we did the things we didn't do And right now I wanna sex you baby Has anybody sexed you lately Got all these hoes calling asking...

Stack It Up

(feat. Migos) [Bando Jonez (Quavo):] (Yeah) Oh (Bando Jonez, you know we gotcha) This ones for the hustlers (Migos!) To get money niggas Get money bitches, yeah (Young Rich Niggas) [Bando Jonez:] Stacking all of my dough Designer tag on our jeans...