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Backyard Burial piosenki

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Catharsis Through Savagery

Repressed thoughts within Bloodlust buried deep Savage taboo compulsion Building rapidly Lovingly sharpening my knife As it sings to me Entering the dark night Steered subconsciously Avoiding the street lights High emotionally Suddenly my pulse qu...

Lunatic Ruling Asylum

Padded walls, I'm surrounded The pills are forced down me My brain - now ungrounded Patients - are being found dead My psychosis sets me free Wandering mentally Leave my cell, crawl round the bend Next room I've found my victim Enter the darkened ro...

Post Mortal Ejaculation (Cannibal Corpse cover)

Suffering my only need now is to hang the rope does swing, hanging from the darkened ceiling Strangling, dangling from my twisted spine I knew I would enjoy death more than life My lids close tight, but the light blinds my eyes My body grows cold - my coc...