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As Tomorrow Dies piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Nickel Mines Is for Lovers

hide their bodies they cant be free their souls are lost this deed is done their bloods on my hands some one will pay for this as nails go deeper in their feet fire as far as i can see in their eyes they dreamed they died their hands reaching out for help o...

Rotting from the Inside

id rather see you shot face down on a corner then to hear your voice pass through your lips shes rotting from the inside out rotting from inside her bloods been smeared across the walls spilled out of her throat she clawed at me begging for remorse if on...

Sync or Swimz

my preciouse tonight will be our last goodbye so say goodnight and ill send you away with the best of tides your nape gets so ice cold it takes my breath away kiss the curb and tell me that he never matterered heres your love song, a petty cost you will never...