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All Are Liables

Fabrics that vomits Sulphur that poisons How long can we breath When the nature is deceased? System of madness Corruption and falseness The mankind are liable For the impending destruction! Corroding acids Chaos and screams So wrong, so absurd Sto...

Brave Or Blind

Open your eyes and see Is this your reality? You are bound to misery A travesty of stupidity. Gossip and propaganda Banners of dirty bastards How can you believe this shit Are you to weak to quit? Use your mind Or are you satisfied Brave or blind?...

Global Acidity

Fatal litter Toxic gas We dwells in filth... Pure fucking shit! Fetid garbage Corroding souls Dirty beings Disgusting world! Impurity, Obscenity, Global Acidity! A ominous toxic time, this earth will be acified, a pain you can't deny... 

Mental Disruption

This is how it ends, your pathetic illusions of a life-euphoria. Do you have no sense, can't you feel your delusions it's a fake-utopia! What is my fate, pain or salvation. Fumbling in darkness, the tunnel is deep. What is my state, (to) believe or de...