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Bye Love

Bye love, so long, baby Don't cry love, feel so crazy Wait, and tomorrow You'll be happy Bye love, so long, baby Don't cry love, feel so crazy Wait and tomorrow You may be free And your eyes Really start to see And you'll find You can walk with me...

Dr Kiss Kiss

Doctor doctor kiss kiss stop that voodoo spell You're layin' on me Help me doctor kiss kiss You'll make an evil woman out of me. Just put away your demon potion Cause you're playing with my emotion. doctor doctor kiss kiss your changing me. Mama...

I'm On Fire

If you want a sweet, sweet love tonight Call me and I’ll make you feel alright When you’re out and running around Playing games all over town Turn around, come on down, I’ll be there Yeah, yeah If you want some sweet , sweet love from me Take a chance w...

Take Me Back

There's a valley where the sun will always shine Where the friends I knew all seem so far away All the bright lights here are gone Only morning lingers on Take me back to the land where I belong Take me back Take me back Take me home It's a lonesome ro...