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More Go

Goo-oh-oh-ohhh {*2X*} (C'mon people!) Go {*8X*} Goo-oh-oh-ohhh {*2X*} (Let's go!) Go {*8X*} (More go!) [Janelle Renee] It was perfection, from the jump You got my attention, at the front I've got me myself and I, you've got you yourself and you But...

Say My Name Right

[8thW1] The teacher, class in session The best hands down, no question Everybody's fresh - I'm refreshing Cause I hold it down, like oppression There's a new sheriff in town, no boots, no steps And my fam is the future, The Jetsons Say 8th Wonder? I say...

Short and Sweet

They claim we sellin crack, but you be doin that! {*4X*} They claim we sellin crack {*8X*} But you be doin that! [8thW1] Sugar's in my cereal, sugar's in my soft drink Sugar's in my Whole Food, sugar sugar everything Sprinkle sugar everywhere, tell me w...


Why stress mic skills? I upgrade to LeBron techniques For the record, oh, pardon me, I meant to say the Serrano{?} MP3 Bring the beat like a defibrilator With 2 Hungry Bros in yo' refridgerator Get it now there may not be a later Cause success is not for procr...