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17Days piosenki

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Full Color Revelation

I don�t know what is this hallucination Or maybe it�s just a weird reality Strange spots of lights like psychopathic butterfly My senses are exploding in euphoria RIT: Standing before an hallucinated painting feeling the brushes, sensing the passion...

Il Dolore

Cessate d�uccidere i morti, Non gridate più, non gridate Se li volete ancora udire, Se sperate di non perire. Hanno l�impercettibile sussurro, Non fanno più rumore Del crescere dell�erba, Lieta dove non passa l�uomo. 


...Northern Star... 7 the number you hold in your brightness Heaven and Earth unite 7 the planets around you Astronomical contemplation 7 the notes in your inner-symphony The alchemical melody We are bound, and we are one I search for you, I sm...

Rusted River

Decayed soul walking under a leaden sky I cry I cry alone roaming in a desert land my hand My hand can�t grasp the silence that blow my head A crystal river you hear, flows by my side the bringer of dreamer it�s here, hopes that can not die I see the...

Sutra 100.9

Like a child I look at the world I don’t know what it is I don’t know for whom it was mold But I am here Alone or maybe I am holding my brother’s hand I am here to stay To give a name To all the good and evil things Not talking, not wasting words But...

The Faceless One

You are the Faceless One/you live beyond, beyond the sun You are the Immortal One/because you are all, all and none Rip my face, mold my flesh, give me back my real eyes Rip my flesh, mold my face, give me back my real mouth Teach me life, Teach me death...