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Delomelancum ft. Noisecontrollers

Such songs have the power to quiet The restless pulse of care, And come like the benediction That follows after prayer The night shall be filled with music 

Survive feat. DV8 Rocks!

Yeah we'll survive! Twisted lives and shattered dreams I'm trying to find a way, find a relief In love we lost, and in the life we lead Don't ever let it go and still believe That we can fly, through darkened skies And feel the wonder of it all, yes fe...

World belongs to you

Reach for faith inside of you. Feel the light surrounding you. We are gonna change the world again... again... Suffer for your sanity. Break the chains and you'll be free. Take me back to where it all began. The World Belongs To You. The World Belong...

World on Fire feat. MC DV8

Cause we are live as a wire, 'bout to detonate Now we coming for you to set the record straight Take this lethal combination that we demonstrate Put your soul in our hands and we'll seal your faith! Come light the fire, don't you hesitate Let it burn thr...