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Yuri Chika

Utwory wykonawcy:

I cry

Every night I find it so hard to sleep Cause I keep thinking of you And these feelings from deep Oh baby I try to hide all these feelings for you I keep them all out of sight I don't know what else to do So I cry But nobody hears me I cry It's my only soluti...

The story of the tears

Lyrics (Romaji): The Story of The Tears - Yuri Chika - How did I fall in love with you? What can I do to make you smile? I'm always here if you're thinking of The story of the tears from your eyes moshimo negaigoto ga hitotsu kanau nara shiawase kure t...

Treasure The World

When I step out the door I am met by the sun And I look to a sky That protects everyone Then I call out my joy To be borne by the wind Sharing love for this world that we're in When the sun fades away And a stillness descends I gaze up to the stars In a night...