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Help me out of this circle

Break me out of this cycle

Can somebody rescue me?

Is nobody listening?

I say i've moved on 'til i'm

Reminded of you everytime

Can somebody alter me?

I need another story

Start to break

I just wanna make you mine again

I'll change my ways

I don't feel how i should

Start to break

Can you see me falling apart?

I'll change my ways

I've got to feel your love again

Something to get off my chest

Need a way that i can confess

Can somebody answer me?

Please tell me what it means

Sorry it came as a surprise

Never wanted to see you cry

It was my mistake. Suffocate...

As you're walking away, i

Start to break

I just wanna make you mine again

I'll change my ways

I don't feel how i should

Start to break

Can you see me falling apart?

I'll change my ways

I've got to feel your love again

So make it stop!!

Somebody turn it off!!

Stay with me instead!!

I'll make you see that i have changed

So make her stop!!

I've got to make her stop!!

Come on!!

She's got me down upon my knees

Don't wanna waste your time

Just wanna make you mine

So can you hear my cry?

I'll make you see i'm what you need

Start to break

I just wanna make you mine again

I'll change my ways

I don't feel how i should

Start to break

Can you see me falling apart?

I'll change my ways

I've got to feel your love again

Start to break

Cause i couldn't make you mine again

I'll change my ways

Still don't feel how i should

Start to break

But i can still see you in the dark

It was one mistake

Now i only want your love again

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