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Yanni & Chloe

Utwory wykonawcy:


How could I ever know I would find myself alone Facing your daemons as well as mine Wishing for the past that words cannot find. But somewhere in the night The music in my mind comes alive I hear love's haunting lullaby. And it sings of a time we once...

Kill Me With Your Love

Tell me who you are today Did you leave the best with the words you won't say Different man, different heart Now we stand worlds and worlds apart Underneath the ruins that lie A broken rhythm keeps running through my mind Color it is all I see But I do...


Tell me what lies behind your eyes, Your beauty fades but the passion comes alive. Tell me again, how your dream begins, Cause when the night falls it's alright with me, If you wanna make believe. Whisper your laugh in my ear, The world disappears and...

Set Me Free

Why are we fighting Why are we lying Maybe God come and help me out But he can't see the damned in this crowd Did I loose it all How did I miss the call Conform me to an image of a doll Break me up against his wall I can't look in the mirror and see...