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A little bird needs help to fly

mamma pushes her out of the nest

and says "Try, try try!"

Even though she is afraid

she spreads her wings

without looking down

oh oh

she hits the ground hard and loud

and mamma says "welcome to life, darling"

Oh gee, oh gee, oh gee why is life this way?

Ah jay, ah jay, ah jay why is life this way?

[Chorus:] x2

Good better best

may I never rest

until my good is better

and my better best

Even though she is afraid

you can feel that she is great

when she struggles

to come off the ground

oh oh

Fail, follow and try

again and again and again

And you don't have to be afraid

to fail little girl

Oh gee, oh gee, oh gee why is life this way?

Ah jay, ah jay, ah jay why is life this way?

(chorus) x4

Yet tell me why?

Yeah, I will try, try

again x4

and I will try

again x2

(chorus) x4 

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