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Yaki Kadafi piosenki

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Get Worried

[2Pac] You don't have to worry you can ride with me now Niggaz are quick to scream how they die for me now Only got one click, we Outlawz on the Row Fair exchange when we fuck them hoes Let the punks know [Verse 1: Yaki Kadafi] Guess it's this felonies...

Introduced 2 The Game OG

Introduced 2 the game In the uptown cool is the house theleme saying up.. toown (Me , I was born in new york) Uptown baby We gets down baby I cant forget new jersey (But IM ALL) (Yaki Kadafi) Kicked it all up in a clear Took it with the pressure moth...

Neva Can Say

This dedicated to kadafi man, the prince of the lawz And as long as im alive you can never be don We grew up one on the same, stuck in the game Look at lil' hollywood, just lovin the fame First Pac than you, man it drove me crazy Just to think you never g...