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Yael Meyer piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

No Matter How Hard I Try

If I told you that I love you would you tell me that you love me too? baby would you? If tomorrow I blew you a kiss would you say please give me some more of this? would you? Every day when I open my eyes it is you that I see in my mind it’s you b...

The Hunt

Wanted rebels locked behind a broken glass Haunted by the shadows ringing in the past Carry me away and save us from it all break away oh We're the hunters We're on the run It burns inside us We'll bleed as one You are my soldier We are the sun We...

When You Hold Me Tight

Love, it isn’t just a dream now that you are everything to me oh love is the sweetest thing I smile at every being with a skip in my heart the moon, the sky, the stars can shine all night long tonight but I only have eyes for you and I’m home when you ho...

Yo soy

Yo soy un montón de equipaje Un frondoso follaje que quiero ceder Yo soy un montón de otras Que como mariposas tardan de nacer Yo soy un tremendo vacío Suave rocío en el amanecer Yo soy un montón de otras cosas Montón de otras cosas que no puedes ver...