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Xedar piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Apologia Descarnarii

Trupul meu lepros acum s-a detramat ca un fruct bolnav, ca un tipat frint; privesc oglinda implorindu-i mila, caci nu pot crede ceea ce vad. Atent urmaresc epiderma rupta de cratere, in care singele imi fierbe. Exfolierea, ca dintr-o alta lume, pare ca dezgole...

Etherial Presence

I watch the surface of this endless river in which I'm plunged to my waist. Through its body the world observes the contrasts of her face. I ban to sip from the water. It's clear and cold like the celestial part. I see the reflexion of my upper half from above...

The Inner Alchemy

I go down these stairs the end of which I cannot see in the blue profoundness of these sea - like depths I run into nocturnal spiders. The chill of the earth insidiously coils around me like a snake as if I were grabbed by rigor mortis. I am allured into a lab...

The Jury Of Insane

It is I at the centre of the trial to come. For my words are decisive. My subjects embody ascension and sudden decay. The future of millions depends on our whims. Since it's fate's irony that an insane jury throws the dice of existence. Our bizarre title -the...