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Darkness Arises

(I) Stand at the Gate, Shimmering, Lord of the Flies, Majestic Fornication, (On the) Throne of God, Open Your Eyes, See the Hate In My Dreams, Darkness Arises, See the Love, I (Once) Held For You (I) Stand at the Gates, Shimmering, Lord of...

Frozen Winter

Frozen Winter Cursing in the Night, Disciple of the Moon, Caller of the Dark, Rape its Beams Chorus: Frozen Winter Calls Me! Trapped in Ice and Snow, At the Mountains of Madness, Lurks the Beast with Horns, Frozen Tomb Chorus Dark Spreads Out,...

Your Lord Is Dead

Your Lord is Dead Rape the Nuns, In Blasphemy, Crush the Priest, Break the Cross Chorus One: Bellum et Sodomy, Smash the Holy Icons, Torture Christ on the Cross, Sodomize the Flock, Burn the Bastard Disciples, Bellum et Sodomy Rape the Nuns, In...