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Xavier Darcy piosenki

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Seventeen ways to lie Evergreen dying eyes Bruises on your arm From weeks sleeping around Kiss the tarmac at your feet And praise these city streets Concrete jungle baby Bored and lost and hungry Just give me time Just give me time She said Just...


Bells will chime when you come home So glad am I, the world should know Now you are back the smoke has cleared And all my sins have disappeared I built a barricade To hide the mess I made No one has to see what lies within Oh no, oh no, Inferno! Infe...


Les jeux sont faits Sit back and wait Whispered regrets Won't save my fate La messe est dite I've made mistakes It's bittersweet But far too late What goes around, baby, comes back around That much I've learned Now the bets are placed And the table...


I'm scared of dying Being burned at the stake That's why I keep on trying To fix the hearts that I break Confess my sins Hang my head in shame Find the evil within And clear my name It seems so simple But I'll make it hard A hundred-year war Is re...